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As an alternative to a formal approach in architectural design, my books challenge readers to rethink the reverie of materials in architecture through an examination of historical precedent, architectural tools, literary sources, philosophical analyses and everyday experience.



My journal articles and book chapters are often a testing groud for ideas that I develop into larger book projects.

“From Dolls House to Dream House,” Architecture Theory Review 27, no. 4 (2023): 277-297.


"The Architect’s Task: A Short Reflection on the Use of Models as Structural Expressionism," ARQ 25, no. 1 (2021): 1-12.


"The Architectural Model as Tool, Medium and Agent of Change," special theme editor of ATR 24, no. 3 (2020)


“Anagogical Themes in the Kathedrale des erotische Elends,” in  Modern Architecture and the Sacred, ed. Ross Anderson & Max Sternberg  (Bloomsbury 2020), 196 - 207.


“Thinking and Imagining Architecture at a Distance with Models,” Montreal Architecture Review 6 (2019): 45-59.


“Greek Temple Design and the Merzbau,” The Routledge Handbook on the Reception of Classical Architecture, ed. Nicholas Temple (London: Routledge, 2019), 477-488.


“Strange Tales of Architectural Evolution” in Confabulations, ed. Marcia Feuerstein, Paul Emmons, Carolina Dayer (London: Routledge, 2016), 141 -150.


“Bauspiel as material investigation: Avant-garde experiments
 with generative architectural models,” in Materiality in Architecture, ed. Sandra Karina Löschke (London: Routledge, 2016), 195 - 212.

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“Kurt Schwitters’ Architectural Models,” in Journal of the Kurt Schwitters Society 4 (2014), 23-38.

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“Translations from Material to Technology in Bauhaus Architecture” for Theorizing Technology in Architecture and Urbanism, a special issue of Wolkenkuckucksheim 33, no. 19 (2014).


“The Merz Mill and The Cathedral of the Future,” Intersticies, 14 (November 2013),

T+A Matthew copy.jpg

“Drawing Desire: Resistance and Factures in Drawing-out the Valser Therme,” Time and Architecture, no. 2 (March 2012): 60-65.

JAE 63.jpg

Co-Translation with Ulrike Altenmüller of “The City Crown” by Bruno Taut, JAE 63, no. 1 (October 2009): 122 - 34.

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Co-Authored with Paul Emmons: “Material Models and Immaterial Paradigms in the Rietveld Schröder House,” JAE 62, no. 2 (November 2008): 44 - 52.


2020        Keynote Speaker: "Prolegomena to an Art of Forgetting," Monash          

                University PhD Architecture Symposium

2017        Keynote Speaker: “On Material and Form,” 2017 Material

                Imagination Symposium, Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark.

2011        Poetics of Construction Conference, Shanghai, China.


2022       "Scale Models of Architecture," Public Lecture at

                Virginia Tech University (WAAC)

2020       “Concept Models of Architecture,”  Public Lecture at The

                University of Melbourne School of Design.

2020        "Didactic and Oneiric Models of Architecture," Public Lecture at

                Virginia Tech University (WAAC)

2019        "The Architectural Model in Form and Image," Public Lecture at  

                The University of Pennsylvania.

2019        "The Utility of the Architectural Model," PhD Seminar, Virginia Tech

                University (WAAC)

2017        “Bauhaus Exercises on the Material Imagination,” Aarhuus School

                of Architecture.

2015        “Meditations on the Material Imagination in Architecture,” Book

                 Launches hosted by California Polytechnic University, San Luis

                 Obispo; Virginia Tech University (WAAC) and Penn State   


2011        “The Embodied Model in Digital Design” at the University of

                 Westminster School of Architecture, London UK.


2006         “Five Meditations on Assemblage and Kurt Schwitters’

                 Architectural Models”; Pitt Lecture at Carleton University, School                     of Architecture.

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